“The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”

Pierre Trudeau made that statement in December 1967.  If that’s truly the case, then why is the state so keen to get into mine?  Here is a picture of the current application form for a firearm Purchase and Acquisition License (PAL) – click on picture for a larger image.


I hope you find those questions just as disturbing as I did.  What business is it of the government whether or not I’m divorced or separated?  What business is it of theirs who I may or may not have slept with in the last two years?

Even though I was angry about the question, I didn’t have the energy to fight over it.  So I dutifully filled in the boxes and got my PAL two months later.  Unfortunately, most of us are in the same boat.  We just don’t have the money, time, energy or motivation to take the issue to the courts.

Thankfully, there’s one man who was willing to take it to the courts.  Economist and author, Pierre Lemieux may very well become the first person in our country to be jailed for refusing to tell the government about his love life.  For full details on his story check here:

Every man, woman and child in this country should be up in arms over such a gross invasion of privacy by our government.  But wait, where were we again in that lifecycle of civilization?  Oh yeah…apathy.

Do you hear that deafening silence?  That’s the sound of our rights and freedoms being systematically whittled away in the name of “public safety”.

3 responses to ““The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”

  1. I remember this well on my firearms application, I can’t recall if my put my girlfriend down or not, but I doubt I did since we didn’t live together or anything. Still, is a gross violation of privacy rights, and a simple argument that leaves your partner bitter for a day or two (on the day they call) could spell disaster for your application.

    Worse yet, this is clearly an attack on the LGBT community. After all, many in that community still feel stigmatized, and rather than being permitted to keep their sexuality private they are forced to declare their sexual status and partners to government officials.

  2. Well I can’t seem to edit my first comment, so let me clarify the LGBT thing:

    Firearms are seen as a predominately straight male thing, and anti-gun fanatics seem intent on perpetuating this myth, and keeping others from enjoying the shooting sports. They rely on communities like the LGBT one for votes for their political parties, and to show their true measure to communities like the LGBT one would be to invite greater scrutiny of their political aims and ambitions, and whether they truly care for such people, or just the votes they gain from them. If they can keep LGBTers from possessing firearms, and seeing firsthand the benefits and empowerment that can come from firearms ownership (see the american gay gun rights groups for instance), then they keep LGBTers as a victim community, which benefits their political ambitions.

  3. My wife has never been contacted ever by either the CFO or RCMP.


    Because she signed the form?

    The person most “at risk” was never contacted. My only guess is because she signed the form which makes no sense to me because if she was “at risk” you can be sure the form would get signed.

    The system as a whole makes no sense to me. For example I need an ATT to transport my legally purchased, registered and owned handgun to my clubs range which has been certified by the CFO. Why is that piece of paper needed and why did it take 6 weeks to issue it in Ontario when the same form in Alberta takes a day to issue. I wonder when was the last time a ATT was issued for a 711to be robbed.

    It seems to me the system is more about discouraging people from the shooting sports then having anything to do with safety. The only part of the system that seems to have anything to do with safety is the licensing aspect of the system.



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